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After throwing three interceptions in Sunday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, including picks on two of his first four pass attempts, maybe it wasn’t a surprise that Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers didn’t have much to say during his commute after the game.Cheap NFL Jerseys.“It was a quiet ride home Sunday, at least for the first 30 minutes,” Rivers said.With a few days to reflect on a performance he regarded among the worst in his 12 seasons as a starter, Rivers had plenty to talk about Wednesday. If he and the offense can just find ways to score touchdowns, starting with Sunday’s home game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Rivers believes everyone in the NFL will be soon talking about the Chargers and a remarkable turnaround.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.

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Opponents have now turned five of the Broncos' six turnovers into points. While they survived the first two games of the season, their mistakes in Week 1 quickly turned what was a 24-7 rout into a 24-21 game.Authentic NFL Jerseys.The Broncos won only after blocking a Los Angeles Chargers field goal attempt in the final seconds.This past Sunday, Siemian's two interceptions were prominent on a list of things that went wrong in a road loss to the Buffalo Bills. Denver has surrendered 64 points overall this season and 31 of them have come as a result of turnovers.Four of those turnovers have been interceptions thrown by Siemian, a trend he's looking to curb as quickly as possible."It's a lot easier when you watch the tape and you can press pause," Siemian said. "I know I've got to take care of the football and how important it is for us not to turn the ball over.Cheap Jerseys From China.I'm responsible for every ball that comes my way, whether it's hand off or a throw. It doesn't matter how it gets turned over, the fact that it got turned over, that's on me."